Ricardo’s feelin’ frisky! @gatorland_orlando #gtorland #gatorlandglobal #cubancrocodile #cubancrocodiles #crocodylusrhombifer...

Ricardo’s feelin’ frisky! @gatorland orlando #gtorland #gatorlandglobal #cubancrocodile #cubancrocodiles #crocodylusrhombifer

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@robink2017 so handsome!!!!! Lol.

Mr.Eat You Until You Pass Owt💦 @dr.jordan23

@savannahboan P R E A C H🙏🏽

Double M Reptiles @double_m_reptiles

@savannahboan perfect response!!!

Nee @chubby_nee_5

He’s my favorite ❤️

wynne @mintietib

Good answer Savanna!🐊

Swimmer💫😋☠️ @__skittles.zx

I love you so much you have taught me that a girl can be anything they want..Even of you think only boys can do it..❤️😂

Erin🦄 @erbear_spam09

@slickthickshelby your favorite to feel better❤️


Why is he so fat?

Fabiana @fabmadsilva

RICARDOOO!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Love you sweety!!! Thank you Savannah for the vídeo!!!

Stéffany @hmsteffany



@laurentctr75 regarde mon Ricardo 💖

Laurent @laurentctr75

@desobeissanc_e il a l’air aussi à l’aise que moi dans l’eau 😬

Laurent @laurentctr75

@desobeissanc_e joli bond 😁👍

GonzalezBrian @gonzalez_elenzii

Pero no te me acerques tanto mira si te saca la mano ameo te lo digo por salvarte la vida xD

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