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Chris Collaris @chriscollaris

Sharp as a 🔪! ✨✨✨

Boris Bandyopadhyay @bandyopadhyay_interior

You master of the shadow capture

Mitch Bär @baer.mitch

nice craftsmanship of render and wood... nice color shift from grey to blond to rose... rift sawn boards would have been nice too ( sorry😉)

KIMSU @kimsu.official

Love everything about this.

corey moxon @coreymoxon

Beautifully captured and brilliant design as always @johnpawson

Kenward Garg @kennykenken75

Still one of best interior architects in the world and a huge source of inspiration. Chapeau Mr Pawson.

TANAH @tanahmadeira

@jaimecunhajr show vamos diminuir o rasgo e aprofundar mais...

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