( @dormtainment ) 不不Who need one??...

( @dormtainment ) 不不Who need one??

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Wanda Canty @wanda1wan

Girl you got problems I cannot with this video I am falling out my chair laughing

dragfireeevee @dragfireeevee

Fr I snatch that shit off too

Cookie Johnson @cookie3185

不不不不不不不 I dead DIED! 不唐休h梗

Sarauniya @sherrybee__

Lmao 不不不不不不不不

Kevin Green @kgandg








﹦手 @chunkybarbie_

@nature_babee fucking dead girl i need one


@chunkybarbie_ reclaim you mf timeeeee

﹦手 @chunkybarbie_

@nature_babee yes sis


@nature_babee lmao Ill die

撾儭劾劾劾劾劾劾 @myhomie_kiki

When yo girl started rapping I lost it

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