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JOHN BUCHANANAN @john78900987

I wasn't even TALKIGN ABOUT UR COUNTRY. OR THESE PEOPLE. what the fuck iks fuckign peoples fucking problem lol

Lor Sy Bby Pablo @lorsybabypablo

🎶sound⛅️lorsy bby pablo 🎯 ✔️Link in bio🏴‍☠️

ppopp1220 @cgust_king

@wentin96 有事想告訴你希望你回我

bhavani_shankar @shnkr1983

Let's see I'm not driving Bentley/ Porsche/ Ferrari in india..

جمال ديني @be_muslim111

Dear Recipient  We kindly request you to spend a few moments of your time reading this letter because it just might be possible that this letter will open before you a new dimension of your role as a human being in this universe. We hope that you are a free thinking, broadminded, and prejudice-free human being whose goal is to find the truth. Before we continue, let us state to you the purpose of this letter- that this is an introduction and invitation to the way of life known as Islam.


Merhaba,Satışlarını Arttırmak İster Misin?


يقولون تصاميمنا حلوه؟.

Ahmed Zald @ahmedzald

السلام عليكم حبايبي ممكن تدخلوا البايو حقي حسابي وتشوفوا المتجري حقي وباذن الله راح يعجبكم يارب ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️💙💙💙 l

bhavani_shankar @shnkr1983

If you have to take the Piss out of ppl for such long periods.. you might as well kill them..

BADRIA💞💞. @dya8_

شرايك تضيفني و نصير أصدقاء 🌝💛؟.

Lexii ;) @leximarietaylor

I bet you $749263947393837 you didn’t read that number. You just skipped over it...you didn’t even realize I put a letter in it. No I didn’t, but you went back and looked. Now I want my follow...


I flip money for you my g.

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